Horse Fencing


2×4 Horse Fence
 Non climb fence wNorth Santiam Fencing project-62ith a 2×4 mesh spacing prevents step through injuries
-Galvanized wire resists weathering and wear and tear
– Mesh design minimizes potential for injury by flexing on impact

Visibility is a necessary characteristic in fencing for horses. Barbed wire should be avoided because there are many opportunities for horses to tear their hide on the barbs. High-tensile wire fences poses a threat to horses because they may become entangled in the strands. The chance of 5 this can be decreased if high-tensile fences are made more visible by placing posts closer together, or hanging ribbons or something else from the wire. Board fences are ideal for horses. Woven wire also works well, particularly with a single board at the top so the horses can easily see the fence.

2x4 Horse Fencing