New Zealand Fencing

We specialize in New Zealand fencing. High-tensile fencing was developed in New Zealand several years ago. This fencing system uses smooth 12-1/2 gauge wire with a yield strength of 200,000 pounds per square inch, or a strength of 1,600 pounds for each wire. Conventional fencing wire normally has a yield strength of less than 60,000 pounds per square inch. A conventional 12-1/2 gauge wire will yield at tensile force of less than 500 pounds and break at less than 550 pounds.

  • is easier to handle than woven or barbed wire,
  • has no barbs to injure livestock,
  • has a longer life,
  • has low maintenance needs,
  • has a neat appearance,
  • is easily electrified,
  • is less expensive for most applications than barbed or woven wire fences,
  • requires less time to erect,
  • requires less time to repair, and
  • requires fewer posts